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Situated at the crossroads of commerce, Jefferson City’s local economy thrives with diverse work opportunities. From government roles to flourishing industries, the city provides a dynamic employment landscape, attracting professionals seeking stability and growth in their careers.

Thriving Industries Fuel a Robust Job Market

Located along the Missouri River, Jefferson City boasts a resilient local economy with a spectrum of work opportunities. As the state capital, government positions offer stability and diverse career paths. The city’s strategic location fosters thriving industries, including healthcare, education, and manufacturing, contributing to a dynamic job market. With a blend of public and private sector opportunities, Jefferson City provides an inviting environment for professionals seeking career growth and a vibrant community to call home.

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Source: MO Dept. of Economic Development

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Professional GRoups

Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber has been serving the community since its inception in 1893 as The Commercial Club. From advocating for the construction of bridges across the Missouri River to current involvement in workforce development, the Chamber’s mission remains to “Boldly Promote Economic Vitality.” They are pleased to collaborate with businesses and community leaders, aiming to fortify the local economy and enhance opportunities for residents, not just for the present generation but for generations to follow.

As a membership organization, the Chamber strives to provide members with networking, marketing, and professional development opportunities, aligning with the Chamber’s new strategic plan. The members play a crucial role in these efforts, and the Chamber also values partnerships with the City of Jefferson, County of Cole, and the State of Missouri.

Observers will note signs of growth throughout the community. Through collaborative efforts, positive strides are being made in development and revitalization projects, all with the shared objective of transforming Jefferson City into an exceptional place to live and work. The Chamber extends an invitation to explore more about the organization and encourages others to join in their endeavors.

Professional GRoups

Young Professionals

Young Professionals (YP) is an affiliate of the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce that provides you or your employees the opportunity to gain positive experiences in professional development, community involvement, networking and fun!

The YP Leadership Board works with the Chamber to achieve its mission to make Jefferson City a place that attracts and retains talented young professionals. YP has over 200 members and a variety of activities each year, including monthly meetings, events to benefit local charities, sports teams, monthly socials and the Mid-Missouri YP Summit.

Professional GRoups

Jefferson City Jaycees

The Jefferson City Jaycees is a leadership training and civic organization for men and women between the ages of 18 and 40. There are local Jaycee chapters across the state of Missouri which are affiliated with the Missouri Jaycees and Junior Chamber International (JCI). The Jefferson City Jaycees provide young people the opportunity to develop personal and leadership skills through local community action and organizational involvement while expanding the JCI movement. The Jefferson City Jaycees are a nonprofit community service organization that supports local, state, and national charities as well as participates in local events to help better our community and give our members the chance to gain leadership experience. The Jefferson City Jaycees host four main events for the community, including the Easter Egg Hunt, the Jaycees Cole County Fair, Trunk or Treat and the Christmas Parade. 

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